luni, 15 noiembrie 2010

Inger Ucigas // Deadly Angel

Diorama la scara 1/72 a unui P-51D Mustang an Fortelor Aeriene Regale Britanice, apartinand escadronului 65, aprilie 1945. Macheta provine de la firma Italeri, iar elementele aditionale constau in personal de sol ce transporta munitii si echipament pentru reinarmarea avionului de vanatoare. Pilotul se afla langa avion, precum arata si pozele.

"Deadly Angel", a P-51D Mustang of RAF 65'th Squadron in April 1945. To explain this diorama, i can only describe it as hell. Everything that could have gon wrong with this one, actually went wrong. First of all. the 6 RAF guys were made from the WORST PLASTIC IN HUMAN HISTORY!!!! it was blue, and extremely greasy. In fact still greasy after washing them in detergent solution 4 times, and gasoline, and some extra strong degreasing solution. No paint would stick to them, it was just gathering up in points. So, the only way i could paint them, was to mix a gloss blue with some shades of grey to get the RAF blus, leave the thing a whole 12 hours to semi-dry, and then dip the figurines in it and hang thwm out to dry. That's why the uniforms look greasy. :) Second, The P-51D, although an ITALERI kit, was mean from the very begining. Most of the pieces didn't really match up. Some of the Marking stickers broke in small bits after putting them in water, so i had to apply them like building a very very very small puzzle. It was a lot of hard work in the end, and i'm not completley sattisfied with it, but i hop that all of you will enjoy it!

Pret: 240 RON

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