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Baza Aeriana Landsberg, 1944 // Landsberg Air Base, 1944

This is my latest work, my 2 in 1, 1/72 scale diorama of Landsberg Air Base, 1944. The bigger diorama has a FW-190 F3 Fighter getting ready for take off. Some of the elements included in this one are a watch tower with officers, a machine gunner, a radio operator, a general and his assistant are next to a Kubelwagen near the tower, the General saluting a NCO near some bombs prepared for loading, a Fuel truck driving towards the plane to refuel, and the pilot checking the first aid kit compartiment. The fuel truck i made out of scrap plastic pieces, since i didin't have a real model to build.
The second one has an interesting story. I saw an old archive picture from 1944, from a camera mounted on a P51 Mustang fighter that shot down a FW-190 while it was landing. The film shows how one of the bullets hits the canopy, and the other blows off a prop blade. So, the plane, i placed on the diorama shows a FW-190 A-5 U14 Torpedo Bomber v4 with lots of holes in it, a broken prop blade and canopy beeing repaired by ground personell.

Diorama 2 in 1 a Bazei Aeriene Landsberg. Scara la care aceasta diorama a fost construita este 1/72. Elementele principale sunt 2 avioane FW-190, o cisterna de combustibil, un Kubelwagen si un turn de observatie. Figurinele provin de la firmele Matchbox, Mars, si Revell. Avionul de vanatoare din diorama 1 (mare) este un FW-190 F3 de vanatoare, iar cel din diorama 2 este un FW-190 A-5 U14 torpilor al firmei Revell. Cel din diorama 1 apartine firmei Heller. Diorama este realizata in cele mai mici detalii.

Pret (impreuna): 550 RON

Pret diorama 1 (mare): 360 RON

Pret Diorama 2 (mica): 240 RON

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