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Cadou de Craciun // Xmas Present

"Cadou de Craciun", diorama la scara 1/72 a unui post de mortiera in mijlocul luptelor ce s-au dat in iarna 1944-45 in timpul Bataliei din Ardeni. Diorama provine de la un tanc M-24 al firmei Revell, figurinele sunt produse tot de firma Revell, iar Jeepul MP (Politie Militara) este o macheta turnata in metal ce a fost remodelata pt aceasta diorama. Elementele adaugate in plus sunt cutia de munitii pt mortiera, cutia de munitii si cantina din spatele Jeepului, si bradul.

"XMAS PRESENT" is my latest 1/72 scale diorama. An outpost in the middle of the famous Battle of the Bulge during the winter of 1944-45. The small diorama on the base comes from the current M-24 sold by Revell, the figures are from Revell, and the jeep is a metal cast toy i bought some time ago from a toy store. The little diorama didn't include the tree or the ammo box for the mortar, i've added those myself for efect. Also, i've added a big ammo box in the back of the jeep and a US canteen (not so easy to model on such a small scale). The jeep was easy, it was already painted, all it needed was some modeler's touches. The figures are easy when you got the basic colors. The ideea behind this is that a mortar pit on the side of a road fires at a wondering German patrol, and an MP (military police, see the 2 guys near the jeep, they have armbands marked MP, and the NCO also has it visible on the helmet) pulls up in their Jeep to investigate, while the NCO calls in for support on his portable radio. I hope everybody enjoys this one :) since the hollydays are getting near. Cheers!


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