sâmbătă, 26 martie 2011

Junkers Ju-87 B2 "STUKA"

The JU-87 B2 Stuka From Zvezda. This little thing is a very small 1/144 scale model made for a war board game by the company. It was never designed to be painted, but i coulodn't help myself, i had to do it. I painted it for 1940, Battle of Britain. Things that need to be mentioned are that the plastic it's made from doesn't go well with paint. The paint dries as soon as it touches it, so i had to paint it Dry Brush. Second, the rear machinegun, the forward machineguns and the support antena on the cockpit were not on the model. I added them myself. I used all sorts of markings from different kits since it had only the crosses and some very big black numbers as decals. Overall it came out as a nice model for my shelf collection.

Junkers Ju-87 B2 Stuka al firmei Zvezda, la scara 1/144. Acest model a fost conceput pentru un joc de strategie, nu pentru a fi vopsit. Plasticul nu a permis decat vopsirea la pensula uscata, iar modelului i-au fost adaugate mitralierele fata, spate, antena de suport de pe carlinga, si decaluri de la alte kituri pentru a obtina varianta 1940, Batalia Marii Britanii.

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