duminică, 14 februarie 2010

Sherman Britanic // British M4 Sherman

Un Sherman M4 al armatei Britanice, pentru o viitoare diorama a luptelor din Aachen, 1944. Are 2 lansatoare cu rachete de avion montate pe partile turelei. Scara este 1/72.
Dioramele si machetele se pot lucra si la comanda.

A 1/72 scale M4 Sherman in British service. The extra addition to this kit are the 2 airplane rockets mounted on either side of the turret. I saw an old photo of such a conversion once and thought to build one myself. Since the only tank capable of taking on a Tiger or a Panther was the Firefly, a few such conversions were done by British tank crews for a chance to survive a direct engagement with the German tanks. I will place the model in a future Aachen diorama.

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