duminică, 14 februarie 2010

Messerschmitt Me 109-F

O fosta jucarie pentru copii din metal. Rotile turnate in aripi si coada au fost taiate si pilite, baza a fost construita din bucati de lemn vopsite, iar carcasei i s-au adaugat cateva elemente din plastic sa aiba mai multa acuratete. Initial era vopsit in portocaliu. Dupa smilgheruire au fost aplicate cu pensula, culorile de baza ale avioanelor Germane, si marcajele sunt pentru Frontul de Est (galbenul). Dioramele si machetele se pot lucra si la comanda.

An interesting kid’s toy at first, this metal ME 109 had some very bad wheels cast directly into its body. I’ve cut them off because it looked too much as a kid’s toy, especially the fact that it was painted in Orange, probably to resemble the Africa variant. The initial paint was sanded off, and I’ve painted it in Eastern Front colors (the yellow), added a few plastic parts for better accuracy and the markings from other airplane kits. The base is made out of wood, and painted in a rust color. Overall it came out to be a great display model of the plane.
Dioramele si machetele se pot lucra si la comanda.

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