miercuri, 20 ianuarie 2010

Walther P.38 WW2

Detalii: Replica pistolului German Walther P.38 din plastic ABS cu teava interioara din metal. Tipul de incarcare se face manual, propulsia este pe arc, iar piedica este functionala. Pachetul contine replica, incarcator, o punga de 100 bile de 0.20g biodegradabile, manual de utilizare si tinta. Arma reala a fost folosita de armata Germana in Razboiul 2 Mondial.
Material: Plastic ABS + Metal
Greutate: 340,5 g
Calibru: 6,08 mm
Viteza: 30,3 m/s
Hop-Up: Fix
The spring operated airsoft replica of the German Walther P.38 pistol. It’s made of ABS, it has some internal metal parts such as the inner barrel. The slide block acts as the safety on this gun, the magazine is a thin straight line, the Hop-Up is fixed, it weights about 340,5 grams, it shoots a 6.08mm BB at 30,3 m/s and it’s a very fun gun to shoot.
Stoc: 0
Pret: 97,99 RON

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