miercuri, 20 ianuarie 2010

Mossberg M58A Shotgun

Detalii: replica a pustii Mossberg M58A din metal si ABS cu tip de incarcare Pump Action. Tipul de propulsie este pe arc, incarcarea se face manual, patul are la capat cauciuc, siguranta finctionala, si Hop-up reglabil. Pachetul contine cutie, replica, incarcator, curea pt arma, incarcator rapid de bile, o punga cu 100 bile de 0.20g biodegradabile si manual instructii de siguranta si manual de folosire. Arma reala a fost folosita de puscasii marini Americani in razboiul din Vietnam.
Material: Metal + ABS
Greutate: 1,6 kg
Viteza: 92 m/s
Calibru: 6,8mm
Hop-up: Fix
The shotgun airsoft replica of the Mossberg M58A, made out of metal and ABS. It’s spring Pump-Action operated, the stock has a black rubber part at the end, giving it extra grip on the shoulder, has a functional safety, and an adjustable Hop-Up. The box contains the shotgun, a magazine, a sling, BB loader, a 100 BB bag, a cleaning rod, and instructions manual. It’s a 6.08 mm caliber, uses the 0.20 g BB’s, weights 1,6 Kg and shoots at 92 m/s. It’s a very accurate and powerful replica, and the original was used by Marines in the Vietnam War.
Stoc: 0
Pret: 190,99 RON

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